The bride's day is an unforgettable day in a woman's life, where two lives, two worlds come together in a single goal. In an amazing alliance created by two souls!

The wedding day is a very special date. Therefore, brides and grooms deserve all the care and attention so that everything goes smoothly and calmly. We provide moments of relaxation and tranquility in the pre-nuptial time. A unique and exciting moment that makes the bride remember, with her family, how good it is to savor happy days like these. This includes having a wonderful bride's day, with unique and incredible experiences that make the day even more unforgettable and surely Les Jardin de Rio can provide that and much more! Incluindo the most amazing pictures you will cherise for the rest of your life.

The occasion leading up to the long-awaited "YES" can bring some tensions and some fears. Therefore, it is important that the bride and groom have light, relaxed moments with the people who are important.

In this way, the bride and groom can prepare, while enjoying the day and relaxing, reducing the tensions that a wedding ceremony brings.

If you are about to get married, come and share this day with us at Les Jardin de Rio!