It is with great honor that our hôtel, Les jardin de Rio, would like to be "The Place" for that important moment "The Wedding Day". A dayt at the origin of so much expectation and the famous phrase "for the rest of our lives". Such a romantic moment, between cries and smiles.
Who, better than a Parisian lady from the city where all love is inspired, to remodel Les Jardin de Rio to offer you a memorable date to exchange vows and caresses, nested in a beautiful natural environment, located in the heart of our wonderful city,and will be the backdrop for beautiful photos.These photos are sure to be full of emotion and happiness! 
Les Jardins de Rio will let you appreciate every moment and feel the pace and the peace so desired on that beautiful and memorable day! 
We look forward to sharing this day with you and making your wedding dreams come true!


Perfect for 200 people